Abaca Farming

Friday, September 15, 2006

Abaca in Bicol

Production Volume

Bicol Region is the second largest producer of abaca in the Philippines behind Eastern Visayas which produces around 42% of the total national abaca production. Bicol Region accounts for 29% and Davao Region 13%. Together, these three regions accounts for 84 % of the total national abaca production for 2003.

Table 7. Abaca Production in Metric Tons by Region, Philippines, 1994-2003*

Catanduanes continues to be the top producer of abaca with 16,384 metric tons of abaca production in 2003 accounting for 73% of the total regional production. The provinces of Sorsogon (12%), Camarines Sur (9%), and Albay (6%) shared the remaining 27 percent.

Table 8. Abaca Production (MT) by Province in Bicol Region, 1994-2003*

Figure 2. Distribution of Abaca Production by Province, 1994-2003*

The volume of abaca production in the Bicol region has been erratic for the past ten (10) years. This could be attributed to the prevalence of typhoon the hit the region, particularly the province of Catanduanes where the bulk of production is found. The average annual abaca production in the region is 21,018 metric tons with the highest yield attained last 1994 with 26,132 metric tons and the lowest during the year 1996 with 17,527 metric tons.

Figure 4. Volume of Production by Province, 1994-2003*